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ETRA Telecom was established in 2006. Our company operates in the field of Enterprise servers, mobile phones, PC's as well as storage & Network hardware, managed by a team with more than 12 years of professional experience. Due to our flexible organizational structure and relatively small company size, we can rapidly adapt to the constantly changing market conditions, while meeting customer needs in a timely manner. We have direct sales agents across the world and serving customers in Europe, North America, East Asia, Japan along with South Asia and Africa.

Due to Our Global presence in Europe, US and Asia combined with a effective logistic setup and a well established, worldwide supplier and freight forwarder network, accompanied by quick turnover on Our stock levels, allow us to stay highly competitive both in terms of pricing and delivery time (1-2 days within Europe, 2-4 days worldwide). We are keen on building long-term business relationships by providing each of our partners with a dedicated contact person, and 24- hour customer support and working towards being the preferred supplier for all Our customers.

ETRA Telecom is a proud business partner of several renowned international telecom companies, such as Qualcomm, Nokia, Sony Mobile, Vodafone, Telenor and many more.

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